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The Headache Is ??

sakit kepala
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The head pain is common and often experienced by many people. Many types of headaches including the headaches. The headache is pain in the head. The headache is often also known as migraine. This when the headaches continued left will megganggu your aktifoias your body's health, as well as others.

The Cause Of The Headache

The headache can be caused by a number of factors were as follows:
  • Factor derivative
  • Stress
  • Constriction of blood vessels
  • Often consuming fatty foods
  • Less exercise
  • The rest is not enough
As for the symptom is as follows:
  • Throbbing head
  • Silaunya vision
  • Nausea, vomiting and dizziness
  • Continuing headaches
  • The head feels heavy bowed
  • Easy emotions
Nervous system diseases mirain that can occur along with other diseases such as asthma and depression is an illness. A very severe disease, such as a tumor or infection, can also cause similar symptoms of migraine. However this kejadin is very rare.

For prevention of diseases of the nervous system, migraine attacks, need to diketahu in advance what the trigger might be food such as cheese, alcoholic beverages, or stress, depression or lack of sleep, sharp or dazzling light and so on. Make sure you have enough rest. Don't sepelekan if a migraine attack. People are usually of developing migraine are likely to be exposed to a heart attack.
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